Strategic Plan


To support the poor and most vulnerable people especially women and children who are socially and economically disadvantaged, living in the urban and rural settings of Bangladesh to eradicate poverty and injustice through providing a range of rights- based services designed to improve their quality of life. These services are principally, protection, education, healthcare, skills training, socio-economic development and participation. They are provided in ways that reinforce the culture, faith, and value of them and are also offered fairly, relevantly and without

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Setting up an equitable, capable, democratic and peaceful society without poverty and injustice in the country in which every person enjoys their rights to a life with dignity.

Strategic issues
  1. Preventing violence against women and eliminating gender-based discrimination.
  2. Development of women’s political and social leadership
  3. Achieving economic self-reliance with financial support of women
  4. Develop the child’s creative learning and technical and vocational learning for adult.
  5. Increase women’s capacity in disaster management and climate adaptation
  6. Increase organizational capacity
  7. Advocacy, lobbying and linking for access to public services
  8. Increasing women’s access to health care.
  9. Coordinated assessment and humanitarian response with partnership of local NGO
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Preventing violence against women and eliminating gender-based discrimination.


Prevention of Violence against Women and eliminating all forms of Gender based Discrimination in Family / Society and Professional. Also provide the legal support to the victims to ensure justice in coastal Part of Bangladesh. To implement the process of political empowerment through deep participation in women’s inheritance wealth sharing, movement, network and advocacy, equal pay in all professional structure.

Maintain effective liaison with various governmental and non-governmental organizations – increase public awareness about networks, unity building, policies against women. Formation of legal support group, liaso with district legal aid committee, community awareness, awareness program with men and boys group.

• Social assembly
• It will expand women’s education
• Violence against women will be reduced
• Women’s risk of childbirth death will be reduced
• It will increase the dignity of women
• Women victim will receive justice
• Men and boys will be more aware and conscious about violence against women.


Development of women’s political and social leadership
• Women’s representation in the local structure will increase
• Women’s participation in the judicial process for local legal remedies and mitigation
• Ensure women’s representative in all forms of local committee
• Ensure more women participation in political activities and provide necessary training to the women
• Women’s political and social leadership will be developed through the provision of subject-based information and training
• Ensure women’s participation at any committee
• Creating such an environment where the participation of women will increase in political activities.
• Creating opportunities for women leadership in social activities
• Restructure the policy
• To follow government policy in leadership development
• Justice will be established
• Women’s participation will increase and their interest will be addressed at the policy level
• Women’s participation in the political activities raises their voice about their rights.
• UP Standing Committees will be effective


Achieving economic self-reliance with financial support of women
• Empowerment of the women
• Increase women participation in the economic activity
• Increase the dignity of the women in all level of the society
• Ensure a happy family
• Involvement of women with useful livelihoods to develop as small entrepreneurs
• Linkage of women with the financial institutions so that they can easily get access to the financial support
• Formation of capital and establishment of control over acquired assets
• Access to the capital supply system
• Poverty will be eradicated
• Achieve self-reliance and dignity
• Women’s social status will increase
• Women abuse will decrease
• Will build a prosperous society


Develop the child’s creative learning, technical and vocational learning for adult.
• Prevent dropouts from primary level to increase the quality of children’s education
• Children will receive creative and joyful learning through pre-primary education.
• Adult will accumulate technical knowledge through training and use the knowledge for their income purpose
• To take initiative to manage children’s education activities in management including initiative and resource creation of community
• To increase the involvement of government and non-government organizations in community initiatives
• To provide life skill training to the youth group for developing their skill and linkage with different governmental department
• Quality education will be ensured through pre-primary education
• Children from poor families will get education easily
• Parents will be aware of child education
• The overall rate of education will increase
• Reduce the rate of drop-out children


Increase women’s capacity in disaster management and climate adaptation.
• Women’s access to emergency information
• Reducing female and child mortality
• Women and children friendly early warning dissemination
• Ensure women’s participation at the disaster management committee to understand women needs.
• Address the effect of environmental change and women health through research work and take initiatives regarding this
• Develop the platform of advocacy and awareness about climate change.
• Creating a voluntary role for women in disaster response and climate adaptation.
• Developing disaster awareness activity at the root level
• Make women aware about environmental change and their health
• Involvement of the women at the local level disaster management committee.
• A skilled women’s society will be formed
• It will get asset protection
• Women and child mortality will be reduced
• Women knowledge will be developed about disaster management
• Women’s need will be addressed by including of women in the local level disaster management committee.
• By addressing the women health regarding environment, Jago Nari will take initiatives to address the issue.


Increase organizational capacity
• Increase the organizational capacity through digitalization
• Increase the skills of the organization’s staff
• Employee policy orientation, skill roaster of the employee, hired different expertise regarding SDGs.
• Linkage with different organization for capacity building training.
• Assessment the capacity of the staffs and organization
• Develop skill roaster of staffs and volunteer
• Capacity strengthens plan development
• Provide training for skill development
• Digitalization of organizational system
• Provide training to digitalization system
• Hired expertise from different level
• Development of management structure
• The quality of work of the organization will increase
• Staff skills will increase
• Social work can be recognized
• Organizational transparency and accountability will increase
• Staff capacity will strengthen
• Can involve the expertise in our different new sector
• The image of the organization will be bright in all the concerned quarters.


Advocacy, lobbying and linking for access to public services
• Advocacy, lobbying and linking with government agencies for education, health, agriculture, food and disaster management
• Increase inaccessibility of women, children, youth and adolescents in receiving government services.
• Baseline data collection on conditional service provider
• Rapport building with govt. line department
• Linkage with the govt. line department for advocacy
• Maintain accountability process through community monitoring system
• Development of community relations and bridge building with government service providers.
• Access to government services will increase
• Services at the community level will be readily available
• It will create awareness about service information
Increasing women’s access to health care.
• Enforcing government services in women and child health services
• Reduce maternal and child mortality
• Linkage women with different health sector
• Advocacy of the health issues of women through different project
• Ensure accessibility of women regarding their health issues in different department.
• To build and make aware the system of providing information about public health services
• Create linkages through community and government health care providers.
• Access to women and child health services will increase
• Infant and maternal mortality will be reduced
• Women and child health services will be readily available.
Coordinated assessment and humanitarian response with partnership of local NGO
• Find out the real damage and needs of the disaster
• To understand the community perspective
• Increase organizational leadership in coastal region in assessment process and humanitarian process
• Monitoring the overall disaster scenario and situational report sharing to the all stakeholders
• Ensure Rapid emergency response
• Reduce gender suffering
• Fostering equitable partnership with local NGOs for more faster response in all coastal district in Bangladesh
• Increase Collaboration with national level
• Forming partnership with local NGOs
• Actively participate during and before disaster in all kind of activities
• Available ready stock
• Coordination of leadership role in local level
• Taking initiatives for partner capacity building.
• Effective Coordination on JNA process
• Effective and timely emergency response
• Local CSOs will be more capable
• Saving life and asset of coastal people

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